Casino Royale is Back!

Hello everyone! We are starting this semester with a night to remember. In our society, many individuals are uneducated on how much damage drinking too much and too often can do to our bodies. Everyone will only be allowed up to two alcoholic drinks as we are promoting safe alcohol consumption with this event!

We hope you can join us on Thursday February 13th from 5PM to 8PM for a night full of fun casino games, and good company! The food and admission itself will be free of charge but if you wish to purchase a drink then make sure you come prepared. Vegetarian options will be available! The price for a non-alcoholic drink will be $3.5. For alcoholic drinks the price will be $5 for 1oz. and $7 for 2 oz. This night is perfect to dress up; the team recommends semi-formal/cocktail attire.

We will be holding this event in the Last Defence Lounge (LDL). Which is on the second floor of Machall. Once you’ve climbed up the stairs (by the DQ), take a left and head down until you see the LDL sign. You can also contact us through Facebook, or Instagram if you lose your way.

We hope to see you there! Spread the word on your socials!

The Man-Up for Mental Health Team